As you go about your Red Deer weight loss program, one thing that you need to make sure you’re doing is getting enough fiber in. Dietary fiber is key to success because getting enough is going to make controlling your hunger easier, is going to help you feel more satisfied after each meal you eat, and is going to help to boost your health, reducing your risk of heart disease as well as improving your digestion and elimination system.

Yet, most women are still falling short in their fiber intake. Often the primary reason why you may not be getting enough fiber in your diet is due to the fact that you just don’t have time to prepare vegetables which each meal, thus you tend to leave them out of the picture.


Fortunately, you can quickly turn this problem around and start increasing your fiber intake if you go about things in the right manner.

Let’s take a look at some quick tips that you can use right now to get more fiber into your Red Deer weight loss program.

Stir Flaxseeds Into Greek Yogurt
The first way to boost your fiber intake is to sprinkle on some flaxseeds into a bowl of Greek yogurt. Flaxseeds are a great food to have in your diet plan because they’re rich in omega fats, which will help to encourage a leaner body composition and help boost heart health. In addition to that, flaxseeds also contain a small dose of protein, so this will add to the already present protein from the Greek yogurt.

Add a bit of fresh fruit to this snack and you have a perfectly balanced snack that will serve your body well.

Add Blackberries To Oatmeal

The second tip to get more fiber into your day is to sprinkle some blackberries over a bowl of oatmeal as well. Blackberries are not only high in antioxidants, but also rich in dietary fiber as well.
A one cup serving has almost 10 grams of fiber, so it’s a very fast and easy way to dramatically boost your intake.

Oatmeal on its own is already a high fiber food, so the berries will just add to this. Plus, they add taste to a bowl of regular oatmeal, so can reduce the chances that you need to add extra sugar as well.

Puree Vegetables Into A Sauce

Moving along, the next quick tip to get more fiber into your daily diet is to consider pureeing some vegetables into a sauce.
If you tend to be a rather picky eater and aren’t big on the texture of vegetables, this is any easy method to overcome this problem and still get them into your regular diet plan.

Great vegetables that work with this tip include onions, mushrooms, carrots, celery, cucumbers, and peppers. Blend them right up into a tomato based sauce.